Friday, 28 November 2014

Day 24. Auckland. Zero day.

Today was a day of no walking. I had been hoping for a sleep in but not really an option a dorm room. I did laze in bed for a while before heading out for breakfast at the nearby cafe.  I had decided to go to the movies so I saw the latest Hunger Games  movie,  had lunch then saw Fury.

I did find it interesting when waiting to cross Queen Street (main road in city) observing the discipline of the pedestrians at the lights.  The cars were blocked from moving forwards but keeping the crossing open.  Despite no traffic moving none of the pedestrians crossed.  We waited a couple of minutes with no cars moving and not one person crossed until pedestrian signal went green. The would have been nearly 50 people waiting and all obeyed the lights.  Living in Africa this is unheard of.

Then it was diner time so I splashed out for a steak and back to the YHA to finish my blogs before bed.

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