Monday, 20 April 2015

Mt Kilimanjaro Day 3

23 Mar 15. Shira I Camp (3500) to Shira II Camp (3840m). Ascent 340. 0805 - 1055 (2 hours 50 minutes).
am oS 92/bpm 85, pm oS 87/bpm 85

I woke up at 0530 to go to the toilet and the sun was just starting to colour the sky.  I went back to sleep but at 0630 woke again and unzipped the tent to see the sunrise silhouetting Mt Kilimanjaro.  The weather was perfect with no clouds in the sky. Emmanuel brought warm water for me to wash and took my water bottles away to refill. Then breakfast which was millet porridge, 2 slices of avocado and toast, omelette, sausage and orange. I was feeling good with no altitude effects except flatulence.  It is just as well I am not sharing a tent with anyone!

Early morning view of Mt Kilimanjaro
And Mt Kilimanjaro in daylight. This was my view while having breakfast

Company for breakfast - Ravens

At 0805 Nechi and I left. Today felt flat though we did gain 340 m. I felt like I was in NZ in National Park as the alpine vegetation was similar, the track was similar and the earth was brown rather than the normal African red. The only thing to show I was in Africa was a single Giant Centosa tree and a tiny Lobelia.

Easy flat day today
A few boulders for interest with good luck cairn on top

Giant Centosa just to remind me I am not in NZ

Mist coming in again

A hill, exciting!

Emmanuel - waiter

Kennedy - Assistant Guide

And the view is covered by mist
 It was easy walking so we were walking a little faster though it was still slow compared to my normal pace. I spent most of my time staring at the mountain with its fresh dump of snow.

David caught up as we had a break and then 10 minutes short of camp we waited for the rest to catch up. The mist was fast approaching and in place when we arrived at camp.
Home sweet home. The blue cloth is my table
Freaky red eyed pigeon

Deserted campsite except for us

After registering we headed past the flash toilet block to where the guys had set the tents up. David set me up looking into the rest of the tents and rocks so I asked him to turn the flysheet around so I faced the mountain again.
I sat in my chair reading until it got too cold then moved to the shelter of my tent

Just after 1200 I was served lunch of fried chicken, chips, mango and a fruit juice. It started raining shortly after and rained on and off all afternoon.  I timed my toilet stops for breaks in the rain and as I was drinking a lot to help acclimatise this was often. I still have not started with the headaches and am feeling good.

Afternoon tea was popcorn.  I heard two parties come through but they were doing acclimatisation walks from the next camp over and did not stay so once again I am the only one here.

Love the atmospheric mist
Luckily the toilet was not too far or I may have struggled to find my way back to the tent
My House
Cleared for the evening
It stopped raining just after 1800 but remained cloudy.  Dinner was fry bread, cucumber soup, rice, potatoes, beans and a beef dish with an orange for desert. I am missing the fantastic fruit plates I got on Mt Kenya.

Nechi gave my briefing for tomorrow and I showed him how my kindle works.  I was given a candle again and read until 2030.

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