Monday, 20 April 2015

Mt Kilimanjaro Day 5

25 Mar 15. Barranco Campsite (3950m) to Karanga Valley Campsite (4000 m) via 4220 m. 0800 - 1000 (2 hours).
am oS 89/bpm 95, pm oS 90/bpm 90.

Once again it was a clear morning when I woke and there was fresh snow on the mountain.  Breakfast was the same again.

Early Morning View
No more deserted camps anymore

Nechi was ready on time and we left at 0800, the first ones which I found strange as many people would be skipping the next campsite and had a long day ahead.

I really enjoyed today.  We started with a small descent, crossing two streams. Then was the climb up Barranco Wall. Nechi had said I should pack my sticks away so I had hands free but I declined thinking it would not be that steep. To my surprise and enjoyment there were parts that did require hands to climb up the steep rock. I let my poles dangle when climbing these parts and they didn't get in the way. I imagine the climb would be a serious challenge to many people for the steepness, exposure and basic rock climbing skills. Nechi confirmed it is often a big challenge.  We reached the top in 50 minutes and stayed there for 15 minutes for acclimatisation before starting the descent.
Barranco Wall. The path goes up to the skyline
Stream Crossing
Nechi walking through some Centosa Trees

Extremes of groomed trails to now rock climbing

Up and more up
Good fun

Looking back across the valley at last nights campsite

Great views from the top
 Nechi let me lead for the downhills. There was a big downhill, medium uphill, sidle on a really barren bit and then a big descent into a green valley with lots of Centosa trees. Just short of the bottom it started raining lightly and it got heavier at the bottom so I put my rain jacket on. There was one more steep uphill where David caught us and we arrived in camp. 

Across the valley and up another hill

We registered and stayed in the shelter while David set up the tents. I had to wait 15 minutes for the rest of the crew to arrive with my kit and then I could set up my tent. I could hear other people arriving after 40 minutes.  It rained most of the morning and afternoon. Every time I got up to go to the toilet there were more tents up around me and for some reason despite all the space available one group decided to set up right near my door with their mess tent behind my tent so I had people walking past my tent on a regular basis.

At 1130 lunch arrived.  It was fries and coleslaw with watermelon. At 1630 I was given a small plate of popcorn.

Once again the day was spent reading.

Dinner was 1730 and was rice with the same vegetable dish, mango and a pancake with jam and peanuts.

After dinner the weather had cleared and I could see all the way down the mountain for the first time. Unfortunately there was clouds covering the sunset but there was some nice colour behind Mt Meru. The Mountain was still clear and I could see the glaciers.

I went to sleep at 2030.
Busy campsite above the clouds
Loo with a view
Getting closer to Mt Kilimanjaro

Mt Meru




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  1. Nice to see your blog up and running again, Congratulations, as it has just ticked over 40,000 visits.I am also following your climb with great interest.
    I am using your blog as my planning guide and gear guru for my November start on the TA. Thanks.