Monday, 9 February 2015

Day 101. Wanaka Zero Day.

Today 0 km.

I slept until 0800 then lay in bed reading and finishing off my cherrys, apricots and nectarines. At 0930 I had a shower and checked out moving over to the YHA Backpackers.  I sat in the lounge updating my blog until 1200 when I put my pack into storage and went to a cafe where I had a caramel banana crepe with ice cream and a cupaccino.  It was delicious and so big I couldn't finish it.

Back at the backpackers I checked in and did bookings for Queenstown and Te Anau YHA. It is peak tourist season so it pays to book ahead. Already the central Queenstown YHA was full so I am in the lake front one 1 km away. I booked my shuttle around the lake yesterday.

I was impressed with my room. It is 4 bed and I was first in so got the best bunk. It was a large room with heaps of shelving, a couch and en suite.  One by one my roommates arrived; a very talkative vietnamese, a korean and I am not sure the other but I think south America.

Night 101

En suite even

We talked until 1450 when I left to see the movie American Sniper. I love the movie theatre - instead of normal theatre seats they have different types of couches, first class airline seats and even a reclined dental chair. You can buy wine and beer to take in with you and they have intermission where you can buy fresh baked cookies as well as normal movie food.

After the movie I went to the sport shop where I brought replacement inner soles for my shoes as the ones I brought in Hamilton have worn out.

Time for replacements

On my way back I picked up a wood fire pizza for dinner.  The rest of the evening was watching tv series on my phone and updating my blog. 

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