Friday, 6 February 2015

Day 94. Lake Tekapo zero day.

Today 0 km.

After a great sleep in I had a tin of fruit salad for breakfast followed by an apple and nectarine. I had to check out of my room and check in to my new one at 1300. I concentrated on finishing my blog updates and then read until 1200 when I had a huge salad for lunch. I continued to read until 1430 when I went to the cafe originally just for a coffee but I ended up having a lovely croissant with cheese tomato and ham. I finished this with a chocolate brownie. I then confirmed the 4 Square times for tomorrow and picked up some chips.  Back at the backpackers I read and finished the big bag of chips. My new room is a mixed one with some Korean guys very concerned with personal appearance and smell, luckily the aftershave/deodorant/perfume they liberally applied smelt nice

At 1630 the free shuttle for the Tekapo Springs picked me up.  I spent the next 50 minutes soaking in the hottest pool. It is great,  you look at pine trees one way and the lake the other way. At 1730 I had a one hour full body massage and it was fantastic.  Perfect pressure and great technique. I went in for another hot soak before getting a shuttle back.

I then went to a restaurant and had a lovely steak, chips and salad that was so big I couldn't finish it. I then waddled back to the Backpacker feeling very full and went to bed.

This was a great rest day.

Night 93 & 94

Some shoe repairs

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