Friday, 6 February 2015

Day 95. Lake Tekapo to Lake Pukaki.

Today 38.5 km. Total 2409.5 km. 8 hours 40 minutes (1110-1950)

I was awake at 0700 but stayed in bed reading and eating fruit.  At 0930 I got up and checked out.  I did my shopping for lunch for the next section then went back to Run 77 cafe and had fried eggs on toast with crispy bacon and balsamic fried tomato.  It was fantastic and I finished it off with a chocolate brownie and cupaccino.

Feeling rather stuffed full I took it easy for the 5 km road walk on the main road.  Generally there was a shoulder and the traffic was light.

Leaving Lake Tekapo

Then I turned onto Braemar Road where I remained for the next 22 km. It was overcast so it wasn't hot and I got into a good zone and the km flew past.  Much of the road is going past Army Training Area so my army past occupied a lot of my thoughts on this bit. I passed the old Telegraph Hut which would be fun to stay in.

 At the highest point I could see the rain coming across the hills.  Just as I stopped for a break it started spitting slightly so I cut short my break and walked fast to try to outpace the rain. I had 5 minutes of light spitting rain then I was clear.  I met one northbounder and we exchanged track information before going our separate ways. I got to Lake Pukaki at 1700 and decided I would push on until 2000.

Pretty roadside flowers

The long straight road

Telegraph Hut

Nice and cosy inside

More long straight

Lake Pukaki coming into view

The road was another gravel road so I made good time stopping to take the 2400 km photo and talk to 2 more northbounders.

Just before 2000 I reached the place that looked on the map to be good for camping and found a great spot. After putting up my tent I went down to the lake to filter some water.

I took my time as the evening light was lovely. I got dinner cooking (rehydrating) and took some sunset photos but there were too many clouds for a good one. It was great to dit by the water and not be attacked by insects. Then dinner, which I struggled to eat, and bed.
Beautiful turquoise blue of Lake Pukaki

2400 km

Rabbit Proof Gate

Rock that looks like Australia on the skyline

Strange sign. Share the road - give the cyclist some stones stones

Night 95

Lake Pukaki

And a little later

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