To follow my progress click on this link Add BuddyBeacon (green button in top right corner) and enter user name restless-kiwi, Pin 0000. You will need to set the date range at the bottom of the map from 29 Oct to today and click the green refresh button beside the dates. The dots are my night locations.

This map is a summary of where the trail goes and the distances. The other maps are my accommodation plan.

Summary of Route

Below is my starting plan for where I expect to spend each night. It will change depending on how I am feeling but it is a good start to allow me to plan my resupply. 29 Nov and I am 8 days ahead of my plan.

Hint, click on < in top left corner to remove preview and see full screen.  


  1. Hi there! My friend and I plan to walk the south island(south to north) beginning February 9th. You're maps look very detailed and clear, so I am wondering if you have a link where i can download them! Cheers!

    1. Hi, sorry for the delay in replying.
      To get detailed trail maps you can get them free from I have overlaid the trail notes and these can be found at under the navigation page. I think some people have updated these with this years trail notes and this was in the facebook Te Araroa Page. Also the page as the gmz files to upload to google earth and your gps.

  2. Hi, wondering if trail notes for NOBO were available as an overlay with the maps, as well? Heard you'd done wonderful things with mapping, and curious if this was one of them. Thanks! :)

  3. Hi Benjamin

    Sorry to say but no I did not do for NOBO, just SOBO. Also my notes are out of date now with 2 seasons in between and frequent changes to the trail. Someone did update my combined maps/notes last season but I think still SOBO. Try asking on the Te Araroa facebook page.
    Good luck with the walk.