Thursday, 1 January 2015

Day 58. Makahika Outdoor Centre Christmas Day Zero .

Today 0 km.

Today was a great typical Christmas which I was glad the other TA trampers from overseas got to experience.

It was a lazy morning and just after 1430 we all headed up to the house
 John had put up a shade for us and Sally had done a great job to present a beautiful table. We all checked out the santa and reindeer footprints which Sally had laid last night.

Sally and John's family went through for lunch and then the trampers were let loose.  The good was amazing with little touches that added that little extra that turns good food to great food. Thete was enough left for seconds which gives a good indication of how much food was prepared.

Really being spoilt with champagne

I dont normally take photos of my meals but this feast is deserving of special attention

The very lucky TA trampers at Christmas Lunch

After lunch we played Petonque/boules. After a fierce competition I was soundly last - sorry to my partner. Team USA conquered the French, Germans and Commonwealth to be crowned champions.

We then headed back down to the bunkrooms and the others played Touch Rugby, volleyball and soccer.  I resisted joining in knowing my inability to take it easy and consequential liklihood of injuring myself.

After this we just chatted for a while and then headed to bed.

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  1. Sounds like a great and typical kiwi Christmas day :)