Friday, 30 January 2015

Day 89. Rakaia River to Comyns Hut.

Today 16 km. Total 2244 km. 4 hours 20 minutes (1200-1620)

I had a great sleep and woke up to my watch alarm which I had forgotten to switch off.  I worked on my blog which was frustrating with really slow internet. I redid my food and finally will only be carrying what I need,  not lots of extras, for the first time in ages. Of course this is except for today when I will be carrying Mum's delicious homemade Bacon and Egg Pie, Dad's scrumptious chocolate and apple cake, 2 apples and 2 nectarines.  I do not expect ant of this to last past breakfast tomorrow.

We arrived at the trail head and after a photo and goodbyes I was off at 1200. I felt like I had just had a holiday even though it was only two 1/2 days off.

A new use for my walking pole - dog toy

My wonderful parents

The track started through farmland which I was worried was going to stay overgrown but turned into a nice single track and then a vehicle track that steadily climbed. I stopped to talk to 4 trampers for a while then continued climbing.  It was really hot with very little wind. I soaked my hat in every stream and this worked well to keep me cooler for 10 minutes until it dried. At the top of this long hill was a saddle then we climbed up a bit more before sidling and descending to A Frame Hut- yet another name that required a lot of thought.

The terrain is very barren. The main colours are brown and grey whuch is a big change from the vibrant greens of the bush. I am now in the High Country for the next week which means big blue skys, tussock, spiky Matagauri,  spiky Spaniard and lots of big hills and mountains.  The bird life is reduced but still there and the sounds of insects now dominate.

The start of the track

Looking back at the Rakaia River

A little overgrown at times

These cows kept running in front of me

Heading up

Nearly at the top looking back at the last 1 hour 30 minutes walking

Dry landscape headed down to A Frame Hut

A Frame Hut

From A Frame Hut it was an easy walk, still on old vehicle tracks,  down the river with one climb to get over a canyon. There were heaps of river crossings but I kept my feet dry by jumping across the rocks.

I reached the hut quite early and looked at the map to carry on but the next part will be in a narrow valley then climbing over a pass which does not sound promising for a tent. I decided to stay and work my way through my food and read. There was a good selection with a Wilderness, Women's Weekly, FMC and National Geographic Magazine.  When I finished those I found a Barry Crump book called Wild Pork and Watercress which was a good read. I finished that and went to bed early.

Comyns Hut - old (left) and new

It must get windy here judging by wires holding down the toilet

Night 89

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