Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Day 77. St Arnaud to John Tait Hut.

Today 23.5 km. Total 1951.5 km. 6 hours 25 minutes (1115-1740).

I slept in again and then sorted my food resupply.  It is a lot of food and heavy. The resupply had 6 days worth in it as well as the 4 days I had leftover from the last leg.

I checked out at 1000 exactly and headed to the cafe for a breakfast with everything.  At 1115 I was finally on my way.

The trail started behind the hotel passing through a gate to a nice track beside a stream all the way to the lake. At the lake I took a photo of the jetty which is stunning then joined the lake track which was walking track standard for the first km then very good tramping track to the lake head. The only detraction from the stunning scenery and track was the annoying noise of the boats racing around the lake.

St Arnaud Jetty on Lake Rotoiti

Walking Track

Lake Rotoiti

Great track

Lake still pretty

This tree was very popular with the Honeydew Insect

2 hours 20  minutes after starting I reached Lake Head Hut- another naming that required great imagination. In the hut was an older couple who were asking about TA and my gear. I noticed the lady holding her poles in an inefficient way so showed her my method. They took a photo of me to show others my gear.

Lake Head Hut

I continued on up the valley largely in the open with amazing scenery.  Steep rugged mountains around me and meadows of flowers to walk through.

Walking up the valley

Easy trail

Bright red lichen on many rocks

Slightly overgrown

Beautiful flowers

Loving it

Egg on the track

Picture postcard

After a while it was back into the bush. I saw two people the whole day. One had earphones in both ears listening to music. I understand listening to music on road walks but cannot understand why you would do this in the bush. I love the sounds of the bush,  birds chirping, streams gurgling, rivers roaring etc.

First swingbridge of the day

Lovely bush track

A little rougher in places

Fantastic views

Some sidling

Some boardwalk

Some waterfalls

Contrasts one side of the track to the other

Approaching the hut

After 3 hours 30 minutes I reached John Tait Hut. There was a family with mid teenage son and slightly older daughter. They were interesting to talk with so the evening went fast.

John Tait Hut

Night 77


  1. Thanks for advice on using my poles. Much appreciated on the track back to St Arnaud. Enjoying your interesting blog and will watch your progress to the end. Would love hear more about your other life adventures, but how to get in touch. From 'the older lady' at Lakehead Hut.

  2. Hi Sally. Not a problem with the poles. I am glad you feel an improvement. You can message me from one of my posts on Facebook Te Araroa group page. I will update the blog to put your name.


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