Monday, 5 January 2015

Day 66. Wellington to Picton Zero Day.

Today 0 km.

I slept in and then alternated between eating,  reading and updating my blog. At 1630 I left the house hoping to go to the Post Office before catching the bus but it was closed still until 3 Jan. I went to the supermarket to buy lunch for the next section and then went to the bus stop.  The bus was early and took me near to the ferry terminal with the driver showing me the overpass that would get me there.  At the terminal I didn't have to check my pack in but I did have to check in my walking poles which made me very nervous.

The ferry sailing was smooth and I got a window seat with a power point so I finished updating my blog then spent my time eating and reading.  I arrived in Picton and was a little concerned when my walking poles were not there but as soon as I asked about them they arrived.

I walked 5 minutes to the Villa Backpacker and check in went smoothly and the staff were helpful.  The rooms were big. I was in a 6 bed room that most other backpackers would squeeze 10 people into. My room mates were all polite and no one snored.

Night 66. 
Mine is the tidy lower bunk

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