Friday, 2 January 2015

Day 65. Wellington Zero Day

Today 0km.

Today I slept in and at 0930 joined Pru and Andrew for breakfast. After breakfast Andrew showed me some of the trail guides for the Camino and Pacific Crest Trails. He also showed me the promotional map for Te Araroa which shows the trail in a bit of detail on a map of NZ which is great. We then went through the wellington section of the trail which is from Levin South and I gave some feedback from fresh eyes on the comments and some suggestions for trail markings. It was fun talking through the trail in detail.

Andrew also explained some of the work the trust was doing to reduce the road walking and the new routes they were working on looked really good. If they are successful this will mean almost no road walking from the Tararuas south.

They then let me use their laptop and I was able to type up my blogs which I had got a little behind in due to so much social activity. It was great to be typing so fast compared to the very slow typing on my phone. Even with swype and preditive text it is still much slower than a proper keyboard.

Pru made a lovely lunch and then I went back to updating my blogs. Andrew and Pru left mid afternoon to a friends 40th Wedding Anniversary. I had really enjoyed talking with Andrew and Pru and was really appreciative that they took me in and looked after me so well.

I spent the afternoon reading the books Andrew had shown me and I phoned my parents to catch up and talk about resupply. I then spent the evening watching TV.

It was a nice relaxing day.

Accepting such amazing hospitality from people has been difficult for me. I am fiercely independent and do not ask for help for anything but I decided at the start of the trail that I wanted to accept whatever happens.  I decided that while I would not ask for anything,  except filling water bottles,  I would not say no to anything either.  This has let to meeting some fantastic people and having some great experiences. Meeting Pru and Andrew is an example of this and I really enjoyed their company.  I also enjoyed the time alone in the comfort of their house they trustingly left me alone in.

I am disappointed I didn't get a photo of these Trail Angels before they left but I will try to get one to post later.

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