Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Day 31. Hamilton. Zero day.

Today 0 km.

Today I had a great sleep in. Clem and Patrica were tramping today so I had the house to myself.  It was lovely laying in bed listening to the heavy rain and wind.  Eventually around 0930 I got up and had shower before having muslea and cupaccino for breakfast. Their expresso machine was great though it took a little while to work out how to use it.  It even had a grinder built in.

Lovely breakfast. That is the Lake in the background

I then settled into the couch looking over the lake and caught up with the world on Internet before starting to work on my blog.  The weather cleared so I thought I would try out the Spa Pool and it was amazing. Sitting in the warm water looking over the Lake was very relaxing.

Roughing it in Hamilton

Eventually I emerged and had another shower then made some lunch and another cupaccino before getting back to my blogs.  Patrica,  Clem and Chris (I think that is the name and if not sorry) returned from their hike up Mt Pirongia and we chatted for a bit then I showed Chris my gear as they had been taking about it and TA in the car.  I may have infected then with the TA bug as they are now taking about section hiking it over 4 years. Chris left and I just relaxed until dinner time.

As it was Friday night they have a special pizza and movie night. Clem made an amazing chicken and apricot pizza that I had to eat some of to have room for salad on the plate.  We watched Salmon Fishing In Yemen which I had never seen before and enjoyed. After the movie we chatted for a while then it was bed time. 

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