Thursday, 18 December 2014

Day 47. Whakahoro to John Coult Hut.

Today 38 km kayak. Total - off official trail  and currently doing extra km. 5 hours 15 minutes (1015-1530).

I didn't hear the hunters at all this is morning, or the birds,  and woke to my alarm. I lay for bit then packed up and headed to the cafe.  Fabian (Germany) turned up this morning so there would now be 6 of us on the river.  I had been in communication with Fabian and he was expecting to turn to a day later but he put in a big day and managed to catch up.

I ordered eggs on toast for breakfast which was a nice change.  Just after 0930 the kayaks turned up so I walked down to the put-in place to the river. We all transferred our pack contents into dry bags for Fabian and myself in kayaks,  and barrels for the others who will be in Canoes. After a short safety briefing we were off.

Geoff directing the driver

Safety briefing - point the boat downstream, avoid solid objects.

The team - what have I got myself in for! 
(Me, Julein,  Roman,  Joey,  Geoff and Fabian)

About to enter the Wanganui River

It was a really relaxing day as the water was running fast and the kayaks were faster than the canoes so we did not need to paddle much. There were some bits of white water but they were all really tame.

It was really funny watching the four guys paddling along in their santa hats. When they saw anyone they would throw a bit of fruit and say merry Christmas.

We pulled over for lunch on a stone beach.

Santa's Helpers - Joey and Geoff

Santa's Helpers - Romain and Julien

All of us. Fabian is in the kayak

Lunch time

After that we just drifted down the river which was beautiful with bush on both sides.

There was a USA vs France water fight ongoing with water pistols and water balloons.

Fantastic scenery

Interesting rocks

Big caves

Beautiful waterfalls

More beautiful waterfalls and some strange antics in the Team USA versus Team France

Fabian in his usual pose - eating

Green and yellow signs are not the easiest colours to spot in the bush

Overall it was an enjoyable day.

We reached our campsite at 1530 and after tieing our boats up carried all our stuff up to campsite.  After pitching our tents we meet Angela and her boyfriend who offered beer or wine to all of us. We spent the rest of the day and evening at the picnic table talking, being shown magic tricks,  playing cards and eating.  The guys had gone shopping in Ohakune and given their food to the kayak company so they had lots of food and wine making for a good time. I felt a little bad not being able to contribute but in Wanganui I will be able to make it up by buying pizza or something.

Night 47 - John Coult Campsite

Entertaining evening

As it started getting dark at around 2100 we went to bed.

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