Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Day 54. Fielding to Palmerston North.

Today 23 km+ 2 km non trail. Total 1470 km. 6 hours (0700-1300).

It rained on and off last night but by the time I started packing up my tent was dry.  I had a look at the avaries and one had native birds including Kea, Kaka, Kakariki, Wood Pigeon,  Morepork, weka and some ducks. While it is nice for people to see these birds I find it sad to see them in captivity,  especially the Kea which are incredibly intelligent and easily bored.

I left the park at 0700 and walked through the empty town to the start of a very long straight of around 4 km before the excitement of a corner and another long straight.

In Bunntthorpe I stopped for a cold drink and the lady at the dairy was curious about my walk.  I left sad because she said she would love to go camping but hey husband would not let her and demanded she was always there to look after him.  He sounded very controlling and would not let her go away with her friends for more than a couple of hours.

At another 1.5 km I had the excitement of waking on grass on a paper road for a whole 1.5 km.  I have recently heard that the Manawatu section of the Te Araroa Trust is working hard to find a way of the roads in this area which would be great as it is a lot of road without the breaks into different terrain that we have had elsewhere.

Exiting Fielding

Long straight roads

The excitement of grass

A few stiles

Bouncy bridge

Big grin as back on grass

Wind turbines

Flash TA sign

River Trail next to Manawatu River

Fitzherbet Bridge in the rain

It was then 4.5 km more roads passing through the outskirts of Palmerston North before getting onto the river trail for the last 6 km to the Fitzherbert Bridge. Not long onto the river trail the rain started and continued until I reached the Bridge then it was Blue sky with no sign it had just been raining.  This weather is crazy.

From the Bridge I walked into town meeting two TA people on their way out of town.

I checked into the Pepper Tree Backpackers, went shopping then relaxed for the afternoon. 

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