Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Day 41. Taumaranui to 42nd Traverse.

Today 33.5 km.  Total 1078 km (+8). 8 hours 45 minutes (1030-1100, 1130-1945).

After another great night sleep I ate the complementary breakfast and just lay there reading until 0930 when I started packing my stuff back up. At 1000 I was ready to go and as I was closing the door I saw Anne.  She raced off to get her camera to take my photo for the motel Facebook page - I am famous now. We hugged and I was in my way.

I was stopped on the Street twice by people curious about what i was up to and they were all very supportive. I stopped at the outdoor shop to buy a replacement pocket knife as I lost mine during the walk beside the river after Te Kuiti. The staff were really interested in TA so it was a little while before I finally left.  They had mentioned that they had seen a hiker at the post office so I detoured there but he had left. I finally left Taumaranui at 1030 going past the Rotary Moa (a statue of a Moa which is an extinct bird donated by the Rotary Club) , a Marae and an old train that is now a food shop.

The were heaps of interesting murals on walls and buildings in Taumaranui

Rotary Moa

Food train
Marae in Taumaranui

A few km out of town is the holiday park and I stopped in to see if there were any TA trampers the to do the river with but no luck.  I gave the owners some more information on my timings.  The owner was very friendly and helpful,  even though I was not staying there.

I left there 1140 and made it only a couple of km before stopping again,  this time for a double scoop hokey pokey ice cream which I ate while walking.

Medical prescription to prevent overheating

The long hot road

From there it was a long hot slog into Owhango and I was offered a ride by two people along the way. The only breeze was the cars and trucks going past and I was roasting in the hot sun.

I arrived in Owhango at 1545 and stopped at the cafe for a smoothie and a Peacan Slice with cream.  I stayed there 30 minutes chilling out and then talking to an amusing couple who had just finished moving from Auckland to Taumaranui for good.

Owhango's claim to fame

Then it was a short road walk to Owhango Reserve and the start of the 42nd traverse.  This is a trail usually done by mountain bike and I had done this several years ago.  From a trampers perspective it is just a gravel road through bush and I was not terribly excited by it, much more fun by bike. There was one stream crossing that I built a little bridge to let me jump across so I could keep my feet dry.  I didn't want them wet just before camping for the night. I then started looking for a campsite which wasn't easy given how steep everything was.  Eventually I found a nice site and settled in for the night.

Walking through the Owhango Reserve

Crossing the Whakapapa River

Unnamed waterfall

The gravel road of the 42nd traverse

Night 41

Dinner was pumpkin soup with potato flakes for the main.

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