Monday, 22 December 2014

Day 49. Ngaporo Campsite to near Koriniti Pa.

Today 39 km kayak. Total 1309.7 km. 8 hours (0900-1700).

Last night I had to get up for the toilet and looked up to see some very impressive stars. We had recently had a conversation where the americans said the stars in the north were better and I was tempted to wake then to show just how impressive the southern Hemisphere stars were.  As I walked back to my tent I saw there were heaps of glow worms on the bank behind my tent.

Today is another beautiful day with no clouds in the sky.  I had a dry breakfast again and we were on the river at 0900.

Getting ready to leave

Today was more of the same stunning scenery,  relaxed paddling and occasional conversation.

The Team France water pistol is broken so water fights are off.  Instead they played with an inflatable ball that is coloured like a watermelon with their paddles and Geoff tried fishing off his canoe with no luck.  We had lunch on a patch of stones and it was so hot 3 of us were perched under some Manuka for shade.

My Yellow Submarine (ironical name I hoped)

From the left Geoff,  Joey,  Roman and Julien

More great scenery

Bird drying it's wings


More rapids

And bailing out the canoe after the rapids - The downside of an open boat

After Pipiriki we were off the Great Walk part of the river and had the water to ourselves with no more jet boats. The scenery slowly changed from primary bush to secondary (regrowth) bush to farmland and non native trees.  It was still pretty scenery and the rapids became more fun.  I actually had to think slightly about how to get through.

Fabian cruising through the rapids

And the canoes

Frenchies in the rough water

And calm again


Hard at work

A little bit of play

Back to work

Lunch stop

Team USA flying the flag on USS Santa Sleigh

Indiana Jones bridge with missing sections

More interesting rapids

The boys hard at work

Goats were everywhere

Just before 1600 we started looking fur a campsite and after a couple of attempts we find a nice spot at 1700. After checking gps I realised it was opposite Koriniti Pa which is listed in the trail notes as a place to stay but there was no sign on the water to say this and we were already set up so we stayed.

Night 49

Except for the Sandflys who wanted to get up close - no understanding of personal space

The Sandflys were really bad here and we were driven to our tents early to take shelter from them.

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